Shawn Achor – The Happy Secret To Better Work

We believe that we should work to be happy, but could that be backwards? In this fast-moving and entertaining TED talk, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that actually happiness inspires productivity and success.


Shawn is a great believer in positivity and appreciating what we have now rather than striving for bigger, better things in life. Have a look at his website Good Think Inc for more information and resources. Shawn has written two books and many articles about happiness and positive psychology. See some of these articles on Huffington Post.

Bob Leckridge – Heroes not Zombie

Heroes not Zombies is a wonderful and thought provoking blog by Bob Leckridge who is a medically trained doctor living in Scotland. He was a GP for many years before retraining as a homeopath and now works at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital which is part of the NHS.

Bob started blogging several years ago and there are a huge number of posts on Heroes not Zombies about health, mindfulness and meditation, photography, homeopathy, life, nature, travels and more.

The thing I love most are his wonderful photos.  He has an eye for patterns and nature and notices beautiful things that many of us would miss. For an example see this recent post from here to here which starts with the story of a single hollyhock seed .Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

single hollyhock seed

Many of Bob’s photos can be found on flickr and are well worth a look.

Thoughts on ethical banking

MYM-Bad-Banks-vs-Good-Money-SPLIT-SECTIONS-01The way some banks have behaved recently does not make me feel great about where I keep my money.  The recurring stories of excessive bonuses, dubious tax avoidance schemes, fiddling interest rates, support for arms trade, oil, fracking or other dodgy bank deals have made me think about alternatives. Under the mattress is not really a practical option so I have been looking into ethical banking and been pleasantly surprised by what I have found out.

This is a profitable and growing organisation, the 25 banks in the Global Alliance for Banking on Values are independent, licensed financial institutions with combined assets of approximately $100 billion. Together they touch the lives of more than 20 million people in 30 countries. While many of their mainstream contemporaries have been hit hard by the financial crisis, this network of progressive banks have largely flourished during it. They share a commitment to build a more sustainable future and have developed effective ways to deliver it.

In the UK Triodos Bank and The Ecology Building Society are part of GABV but the smaller Charity Bank also upholds these sort of ethical values.
Move Your Money UK is a growing movement of ordinary people who are fed up with British banks and want to build a better banking sector. In September 2013 Move Your Money did a survey and found that the areas of banking that mattered most to the public were Honesty, Customer Service, Culture, Impact on the Real Economy and Ethics.
They released a Bank Ranking Scorecard to answer some of these questions. Each bank and building society is given a score out of 100 and ranked accordingly. They have been given a Red (leave/don’t switch here), Amber (doing better) or Green (best-rated banks, switch here if you can) rating to help people decide on a better bank. If you can’t see the chart clearly the full article and criteria are here.


In case you were wondering.. I have joined a credit union 🙂


Mind Full or Mindful

I love this cartoon, not sure where the original came from but think it is very relevant and my aim is to try and help get my head more like the ‘mindful’ dog rather that the ‘mind full’ person.

I completely understand many people have heard of mindfulness and have no idea where to start achat viagra sur internet france. It can be a bit confusing and there are many ‘flavours’ so I will post a few blogs with tips and websites that I have found helpful.

If you are new to all this mindfulness stuff then The Free Mindfulness Project is a good place to start. It is a great site with lots of different types of guided mindfulness exercises available to download. So try a few and see which type you like best.

Best of luck!

Light and the double slit experiment

Science is far less clear cut than you might think and I will blog more about some scientific anomalies. Homeopathy is often criticised for being ‘unscientific’ as dilutions cannot be adequately explained by current scientific models.. but there are many things such as light, radiation and microwaves that do not always behave as you might expect.

Light is extraordinary for many reasons and can act as particles or waves.. or sometimes both. The double slit experiment is quite hard to explain to non-scientists but this is a fabulous Royal Institution video with Jim Al Khalili demonstrating what it is and why it cannot really be explained.

Rachel the Vagabond Baker

I have very many talented friends with excellent blogs so will give some of them a plug on here. I have known Rachel and her partner Chris for years and they have quite an unconventional life. Most of their time is spent travelling or house sitting and  they have recently bought a fab demountable camper to live in. They are both photographers and I think the eye for a good picture is what makes this blog a real gem.

Vagabond Baker is not just a recipe blog..  but also a wonderful showcase for their extensive travels, photographs and unusual nomadic lifestyle.

rachel vagabond baker

Strangely.. the most popular blogs she has ever written are about her reasons for learning Finnish!

So pop over to Vagabond Baker and have a browse or find her on twitter @vagabondbaker or Vagabond Baking on facebook.



Alan Watts – What if money didn’t matter?

Some words of wisdom on life, work and money. I have read various things about about working 9-5 lately and I’m very grateful I have never done a job like that. So a reminder of an excellent little video featuring Alan Watts.

I always recommend this to teenagers wondering what to do with their lives.. much to the shock and horror of some of their parents!

What If Money Didn’t Matter (Alan Watts) from Ant J. Grande on Vimeo.
And for a different take on this.. I recently came across a fabulous cartoon version by Gavin Aung Than on


Some musings on pain and painkillers

There have been lots of stories in the news over the years about potential heart problems caused by long term use of painkillers such as ibuprofen and diclofenac (Voltarol) but the very well known link between these drugs and gastrointestinal bleeding doesn’t often get a mention.  See this old article on Ibuprofen on BBC website

Doctor and medical columnist Thomas Stuttaford says in that article he thinks ibuprofen is a reasonable analgesic and anti-inflammatory – but it has more side effects than people realise.

“Side effects include renal damage. It’s not terribly well tolerated by the over 65s. It can cause gastric bleeding. And NSAIDs [the group of anti-inflammatory drugs that ibuprofen belongs to] contribute to something in the region of 2,000 deaths a year in the UK.”

I came across this video of Lorimer Moseley talking about the the role of the brain in chronic pain. He is a physio who has become interested in pain research and the psychology of pain. He is a very amusing speaker and gets his message across extremely well.. this video is 25 minutes long so grab a cuppa and watch it.

Much research has been done between the link between emotional and physical pain and, in my experience as a homeopath, helping people deal with difficult emotions such as anger or grief will often will reduce or eliminate their physical pain.

Clare Walters at Absolute Specialists runs training courses for therapists in various mindfulness techniques including the Pain Release Process which she has developed from her experience working with people with fibromyalgia. I completed the practitioner training course a few years ago and am now accredited in Focussed Mindfulness Techniques which I often use alongside homeopathy in my consultations. I have found these techniques to be simple and profound tools for dealing with physical and emotional pain and I will write more about them another time.

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An animated tour of the invisible with John Lloyd

This is a cartoon version of a TED talk by John Lloyd who is better known for being the creator of intellectual and excellent quiz show QI acheter du viagra avec paypal.

Gravity. The stars in day. Thoughts. The human genome. Time. Atoms. So much of what really matters in the world is impossible to see. A stunning animation of John Lloyd’s classic TEDTalk from 2009, which will make you question what you actually know.

Welcome to stuffjolikes

This blog has come about really because I constantly come across what I think are interesting blogs, news articles, videos or books and I just want to share them with anyone who might appreciate them.

This will be a very eclectic mix of topics. I already blog sporadically about homeopathy, wild food and mindfulness in business so will probably repost some of those on here.

Any suggestions or comments feel free to get in touch.


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