An animated tour of the invisible with John Lloyd

This is a cartoon version of a TED talk by John Lloyd who is better known for being the creator of intellectual and excellent quiz show QI acheter du viagra avec paypal.

Gravity. The stars in day. Thoughts. The human genome. Time. Atoms. So much of what really matters in the world is impossible to see. A stunning animation of John Lloyd’s classic TEDTalk from 2009, which will make you question what you actually know.

Welcome to stuffjolikes

This blog has come about really because I constantly come across what I think are interesting blogs, news articles, videos or books and I just want to share them with anyone who might appreciate them.

This will be a very eclectic mix of topics. I already blog sporadically about homeopathy, wild food and mindfulness in business so will probably repost some of those on here.

Any suggestions or comments feel free to get in touch.


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